Meet Us

Bena Ra Speret, Founder

Mr. Ra Speret is the Founder of SPYRYTEC. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University. He also holds a D.Div. in Spiritual Counseling from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. A spiritherapy practitioner and lifelong entrepreneur, his passions are independent study and Spirituality.

Tracy T. Armstrong, Co-Founder

Mr. Armstrong is the Co-Founder of SPYRYTEC. Also a North Carolina State University B.S. Industrial Engineering graduate, he holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix as well. Mr. Armstrong is passionate about fitness and wellness, and he is an aromatherapy enthusiast.

Renea Cunningham, Public Relations

Ms. Cunningham comes to SPYRYTEC with a passion for health and wholeness, with a desire to achieve optimal overall health, and to assist others to do so. She studied at Winston-Salem State University and Lenoir-Rhyne University where she obtained her BA in Psychology. She currently works in the Healthcare/Mental Health field as a Behavioral Health Coordinator and Mental Health/IDD Qualified Professional. She daily witnesses the effects of a failing healthcare system that is dependent upon ineffective pharmaceuticals. For many years she has believed and shared with others that the answer to all health and healing can be found in the earth. To address the causes of maternal and infant/child mortality Ms. Cunningham has also taken up the mantle as a Wholisitic Birth Doula. She endeavors to give wombmen their decision-making power back during pregnancy as well as during the childbirth experience.

Dr. Patricia Crisp, Naturopathic Counselor

As a Classical Naturopath, Dr. Crisp specializes in healing. Her use of natural remedies is designed to support the body's innate wisdom and natural tendencies toward renewal and replenishment to achieve optimal health. She focuses on identifying the root causes of your symptoms then tailors a protocol specifically for you, to enable you to work with your body's own innate self-healing intelligence, ultimately leading to wellness. Dr. Crisp was recently voted 2019 “NC Naturopath of the Year”.