The Pyneamid [Pi-nee-uh-mid] Aromatherapy Infuser incorporates all four therapeutic methods. By combining Aroma, Sound, Vibration, and Color therapy into the convenience of one medium, all of the senses are appreciated as therapeutic loci. This consolidation of spiripeutic applications is the evolution of therapy: Spiritherapy. The transcendence of The Pyneamid lies in the fact that it incorporates solfeggio frequencies and infuses vibration frequencies prior to the diffusion of the water into the atmosphere, exponentially increasing the effectiveness of the diffused mist.The Pyneamid structures energy in a way that makes it consumable and sensitive to all the physical senses. The universal applicability of The Pyneamid is fundamental to every home, business, and/or office décor.

The Pyneamid Infuser!